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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling


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Bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, countertops, shelves, flooring, showers and bathroom remodeling are just a few of the services, East Company offers. Our team of professionals are able to deliver the bathroom of your dreams, at a price you can afford!

From To RemodelingThank you for visiting East Company to retain information about bathroom remodeling for your home or business in or around Dayton, Ohio. The East Company offers bathroom remodeling services for residential clients needing their bathroom remodeled in their home as well as our commercial clients, needing to update, upgrade or completely remodel their office bathroom or employee break room or bathroom.





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No matter the size or type of bathroom remodeling your needing, East Company has your covered! We are able to assist with the design you have in mind as well as bring your dream bathroom vision, into a reality. Did you know that the average person, will spend nearly 568 days in their bathroom in a person’s lifetime? So you might as well have it how you want it. If we as humans are going to spend that much time in our bathroom, shouldn’t we have a nice bathroom to enjoy that time? Sure we should!

Beautiful BathroomNow you can provide some terrific updates or upgrades to your bathroom by simply changing the cabinet hardware or changing the paint on the walls … or even changing the faucet on your sink, but many times you can take that same budget and turn it into so much more, when you have the advice and knowhow of a professional.

The East Company will always work with you and your allotted budget to provide you with a fresh new look for your bathroom. We can assist you with designing the bathroom, including ideas on how to get the look your going for. By simply changing the lighting with some recessed lighting, track lighting, flush mount lights or any other type of lighting fixtures, switching out the sink or even relocating the sink, tub and toilet, we can accomplish a lot and even create more room to make the bathroom roomier. If your bathroom is too small, we can take out the wall and move it back, if your structure or home allows for such an upgrade. Whenever we make such drastic changes, we need to make sure that all walls, whether load bearing or not, is properly attached to the existing walls, insulated and tied into the structure correctly.

Bathroom FinishingAdding a new tub, such as a Jacuzzi tub or other jet type tub or even a period based claw-tooth tub, can totally change the look of your bathroom. We can even install shower tub combo type tubs so that you have the option of standing or sitting while bathing. You have the option of having glass doors, swinging or sliding or even a shower curtain type installation. There are so many choices when building a new bathroom or remodeling your current bathroom.

Have you ever wanted a new vanity in your bathroom or a new full length body mirror in your bathroom? We can do it! How about changing out that old worn and dated flooring to something nicer and more modern such as, ceramic tile flooring … we can do it! How about windows? Many times, windows are little and few in a bathroom, because when the house or structure was originally built, there wasn’t too many options available, like there is today. You can have all the windows you want in your new bathroom and still retain the privacy we need. You have the option of having one way windows, so that you can see out, but neighbors can’t see in. There are also instant fog windows, that offer privacy at the push of a button.

With all these options, the outcome possibilities are endless. We can provide the right textures your looking for on the walls and ceilings as well as providing an elegant paint scheme. We don’t want to forget about the exhaust needed in a bathroom, which we can also install. Along with all of these options, you can also choose what type of cabinets your wanting for your towels and wash cloths, hair products, hair brushes, tooth brushes and all the little things our wives and daughters like to utilize while in the bathroom. Many of those tools require power, which is why we would also recommend a bit more electrical outlets, with safety options, considering there is water present in those areas of activity.

So … you have some thinking to do! Is it time to remodel your bathroom, upgrade or update that dated look? Sure it is! Again … The East Company in Dayton, Ohio is able to work within your budget and provide you with a beautifully, newly remodeled bathroom. Contact us today, to speak with a professional or to have us come out to your property, so that we can discuss your needs and wants for you new bathroom. We look forward to working with you on your bathroom remodeling project, in the near future.