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Gutter Services

The East Company provides many services in the Dayton area as well as all surrounding areas. An important service we offer is our gutter installation, gutter repair, custom gutter systems as well as gutter replacement. Having a proper gutter system installed on your home, office building or industrial structure, is crucial for having proper water flow, diversion and cosmetic look.

A properly installed gutter system, will save the owner of the structure a great amount of financial loss as well as frustration. Without having a gutter system in place, rain water can easily find its way into the walls of your structure or even cause damage to your roof. During the winter months, the risk of roof damage from an improperly installed gutter system or not having a gutter system for proper water drainage at all, is multiplied as the water will freeze in-between your roofing structure or your structure walls.

The East Company only provides quality gutter installation, quality material and the top brand of gutter, in the industry. All of our gutter systems are custom built, to fit your home or commercial structure. No matter if your needing residential gutters or commercial gutters … The East Company has you covered!

Some of the gutter systems available from The East Company are seamless gutters, debris free gutters, that require no cleaning, mesh covered gutters, as well as stainless steel micro-mesh technology over a sturdy aluminum substrate to prevent all debris from ever entering the gutter. Contact East Company today, to inquire about our gutter installation, gutter repair or replacement, as well as custom gutter or water drainage systems for residential and commercial properties or entities.