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Roofing Services

Roofing Services in Dayton, Ohio

The East Company provides high quality roofing services in Dayton, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio as well as all areas in between. With several services and products to choose from, we are sure to offer exactly what your needing. Whether your needing repairs to your current roof or structure, or a complete tear off and removal to allow for a new roof to be installed … we are capable of providing the quality and strength to any roofing service we provide.

Not only do we offer complete removal and installation on a new roof, but we also offer hail damage repair services. Hail can cause massive damage to a roof’s integrity. Hail damage is capable of causing leaks and can be very expensive, depending on how extensive the hail damage is. Most of the time, hail damage will be covered in your home owners insurance or business insurance, but you must be sure that it is covered in your insurance package. We will work with your insurance company to cover all hail damage repair cost’s. If your paying out of pocket, East Company will always try to work within your budget to fix the hail damage to your roof.

If you have just gone through a winter storm or hail storm and you suspect damage to your roof … contact East Company today to have one of an experienced contractor evaluate your roof for hail damage as well as structural damage. Whether it be your home or business, we are able to provide the roofing services you need to get things back on track!


Commercial Roofing

We provide roofing services for light commercial structures. This can include businesses of all types in any location. Whether it be rubber roofing, shingle roofing or metal roof … our contractors are able to assure quality roofing services. We will work with your budget as well as your insurance company to get your the roofing services your needing. Depending on your insurance company or your budget, a complete replacement of your roof will have to be approved. If repairs are able to deliver the original integrity of the roof, we will advise our clients to allow them to make the call.


Residential Roofing

Our residential roofing services are provided to any type of structure. Whether it be a new home being built or an existing home, we are able to provide the highest in residential roofing services. With only quality products being used, and with all of our services … we will provide an excellent warranty with all repairs, new construction as well as a complete removal and roof replacement.